Pig skins

Origin: Greek
Available quantity: 25.000 to 30.000 pieces per month
Selection: A 100%
Weight average: 4.7 kg/skin
Size: 1.40 - 1.70m.
Fleshed: Double/
Machine flayed

Packing europalletes: 300 pieces/pallet 

Sheep skins

Size:7.0 sqft-12.0 sqft 
90% A Selection-10% B Selection

Goat skins

Size: 4.8 sqft-5.0 sqft
100% A Selection

Lamb skins

Size:4.5 sqft-7.0 sqft
95% A Selection-5% B Selection

Bull skins

Average weight: 36kg
Range weight: 30kg-60kg
Machine flayed
Red and black/white

Cow skins

Range weight: 20kg-35kg
Average weight: 25kg
Machine flayed

* Our products are accompanied by a veterinary certificate and a certificate of origin.