About us

Our company was established 25 years ago from George K. Koukouliatas and continues a successful professional course in the field of wholesale trade services of raw hides in Greece until this day.

We specialize in the collection, sorting and storage of raw hides from all over Greece. During all these years our company has exported to China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

The exported products are wet salted skins and exclusively of Greek origin, thus recognizing the dynamic and special quality of Greek raw skins. These products are sourced from the slaughterhouses and warehouses from all over Greece after a strict selection regarding the quality and the size. The majority of skins collected are pigskins but we also collect large quantities of lambs, goats, sheeps, bulls and cows, which after processing are suitable for fur, nappa and collagen.

Storage takes place in specially configured cold chambers at our warehouse located in Katerini, a city in Northern Greece, just 75 km away from Thessaloniki and at the foothills of Mount Olympus.

In our company we use the latest technologies to monitor the processes in order to ensure the best quality in the most efficient way to achieve the best result. We do have all the necessary infrastructure, expertise and experience to ensure the perfect quality and processing of the products.